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Accident & Crime Scene Scale Diagrams & Digital Photographs

Scale Diagrams

  • Coloured scale scene diagrams, which make it easy to distinguish the features of the scene and are easy for clients and juries to understand.
  • Our realistic scene diagrams are created using an accurate, reliable and feature-rich software drawing program used by 96% of Canadian Municipal Police Forces and all 12 Divisions of the RCMP across Canada for the past 7 years. This program recreates an accident scene as vividly as possible with a multitude of symbols such as curbs, guardrails, fences, vehicles, trees, road grade and so much more.
  • Our diagrams can be reproduced in multiple sizes as needed and can be laminated for easy use with a wet erase pen & or mounted on foam core board for easy display.
  • Exact vehicle style and colour can be added.
  • Diagrams of crime scenes, slip & fall scenes and building interiors also available.
  • We will travel anywhere in Canada to obtain the information you need.


  • Measurements and photographs of scene taken by experienced Insurance Claims Professionals with your file needs understood.
  • 8 x 10 high resolution prints.
  • 8 x 28 high resolution Panoramic scene photographs.
  • Day or night and exact time photography available.
  • Descriptions provided for each photgraph.
  • Photographs showing all drivers, cyclists & pedestrians points of view.

Trial Packages

  • Customized Trial Packages prepared with your needs in mind.
  • Sheet protectors are latex and acid free, archival quality.
  • Multiple copies can be ordered as needed.
  • Storage tubes can be provided for laminated scene maps.
  • Flat rate pricing for accident scenes located anywhere between North Vancouver and Aldergrove for the scale diagram and scene photographs.
  • Contact us forĀ an estimateĀ for accident scenes outside of the Lower Mainland.


  • Our methodology for preparing a scale scene diagram and diagramming the scene itself will be credible enough to withstand courtroom scrutiny.
  • If you’re having trouble with your scenes in court, it may be because there’s not enough information in them and they are too simple. This is NOT a problem for our detail-rich scene diagrams, which relate exactly to the photographs, making it easier for everyone to relate to the actual scene.
  • We measure the physical points at the scene with realistic accuracy.
  • Credibility is everything! Yours and Ours.